28 March 2011

Goooood Morning Campers

Hope everyone is feeling fine this sunny Monday morning.

Yesterday was the first time in my life I think that I was NOT looking forward to the clocks changing. I love the lighter evenings, there will be absolutely no need for me to have the lights on my car on the drive home from work. it just automatically feels like summer.
This year however, I was just thinking about how it'll be dark again in the mornings when I want to get up and go gym... I was concerned it might effect my exercise pattern!! WTF? Whats happened to me?

As it happens, it didn't effect it much at all. Its still light enough to not feel like you are getting up in the middle of the night, so hoorah. Summer time is here. :)

I am still very much struggling with getting myself in this new routine fully. Mondays at the gym are a bit of a rush, it opens at 7am (not 6.30 as it does Weds and Fri) but I still want time to shower and wash my hair. (I shower every day of course, but wash my hair just every other day! I used the glad hair day shampoo and conditioner today by the way, my hair smells divine!)
So I am still very much on a learning curve, and my gym workouts need tweaking. I only managed a mile power walking on the treadmill today before I had to scoot off into the shower. However, a mile power walk is still better than staying in bed doing nothing!

Saturdays are turning into a bit of a non entity for me too. with Darren working & out at football I tend to run round the house cleaning and generally doing the chores, and then nothing. And seeing as weekdays tend to be so busy, going from 60-0mph is really throwing me off track. I need to find something more constructive to do with my weekends, while still giving myself some time out to relax, or we'll just have another case of burnout to deal with!

It'll all fall into place soon I am sure. its the same as any new hobby/project etc. its takes a while for it to become second nature.
What do they say? for the average person it takes 3 weeks to form a new good habit? (apparently)
One thing at a time, and those good little habits soon are second nature and help make things easier and more enjoyable.

I'm happy that I made myself get up this morning and go for a work out. no matter how small it was. A positive start to the day, a positive start to the week. :)

Happy Monday everyone xx

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