31 March 2011

Lust List (March 2011)

Its that time again, for a little round up of the items that have caught my eye and made my heart flutter this month.

First. This seashell heart. So beautiful and would look wonderful in our bedroom I think.

Second. This money box from Urban Outfitters. 

Third. and going along the same theme. These headphones from Urban Outfitters. Silver please.

Fourth. This top from New look. I l.o.v.e summer tops like this. though it does make me think I really need to get my tattoo/half sleeve finished!
Firth. These converse.
Sixth. These converse. (I can't decide which ones I like most)
Seventh. These snapshot frames from OU. How cool are they for on your fridge! (huh. cool. fridge. made a pun and didn't even mean to!)
Eighth. This bunny rabbit tea towel from H&M.
Ninth. loving these clamdiggers from H&M. I think they will make me look shorter and dumpier than I already am, but I cant help but want them.
and finally. Tenth. This light shade from B&Q, which I think will be lovely in out hallway, or for our landing. :)
I am sure I shall end up purchasing some of these items, I dont think I shall have the will power to resist. and the first thing will likely be the lampshade. Our hallway definitely needs a makeover, its not inviting in the slightest. x

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