8 March 2011

A Few Things

Good morning. Its been a quiet few days as unfortunately I have been unwell. So today I am sharing just a little list of a few things on my mind at the moment.

.1 - Having a clean and tidy house is truly wonderful

.2 - Having a cold when you have a pierced nose is a real pain in the *rse (sorry. gross I know)

.3 - Last night I drove home without needing lights (Spring is in the air)

.4 - I'm starting Body Balance classes again on Wednesday

.5 - I am so un-flexible those classes may be a struggle/quite amusing/a complete embarrassment

.6 - The sunshine is really making me want to be outside taking photos

.7 - I really need to remember to charge my camera battery tonight

.8 - I would love to get tattooed again soon

.9 - I am dreading my weigh in on Thursday. Pleeeease let me have not gained.

.10 - My husband is now a follower of my little blog :) *waves*

.11 - Raspberry sorbet is amazing

.12 - Its Shrove Tuesday. To have pancakes, or not have pancakes. That is the question?!

Happy Tuesday xx

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Anonymous said...

Have pancakes!