29 March 2011

So you remember how yesterday I said that the clocks changing was fine because it was still light in the mornings.
It seems my mind was playing tricks on me and it was lies!
Because today when my alarm went off it was decidedly dark in our bedroom. No glints of sunlight through the curtains to entice me out of bed. Just dull and dark, (alright, I'll concede it was because it was cloudy and overcast, minus the clouds it would have been brighter) and it took more than double the effort it did yesterday to get myself out of bed, dressed and to the gym for it opening.

But up and dressed I got, and made it to the gym for it opening. I didn't overly enjoy this mornings workout (Darren is on early starts this week which means he cant come in the mornings. Even though we dont work out together when we are there, I still like his company on the car ride there and home and the odd smile at each other across the gym) I changed it up a little today, and instead of doing Treadmill/Bike. I did Treadmill/XTrainer. Boy did that sucker nearly kill me! but its good. I feel good for changing things around, and I used to l.o.v.e the Xtrainer, so its about time I rediscovered my love for it.

Tonight, straight after work I am going to a Body Balance class. We normally go on a Wednesday, but its later so means I am not home until 9ish and its so late to be eating dinner (I'm not home in time to eat and let it settle before going to the class) So today I have my kit with me so I can get changed at work and go straight there. Hopefully I'll make it in time and it will be a nice class.

When I got home last night Darren asked if I would like to see what he had done... uh-oh, what do you mean?
What he meant was that he had got home from work and spent the afternoon sorting out our spare room! Wow! ok its still got a lot of stuff in it that needs going through. and it has our old sofa upturned on its side awaiting being sold. but even so. There is space for a desk!! a desk!

ooh happy days.

and this is the desk we have chosen.
I cant wait to get it and start painting/creating again! :)
Happy Tuesday! xx

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