16 March 2011

A few things & Resolution Update

1. I love the big windows at the gym, I like looking out and seeing the place 'wake up' in the morning.

2. I do not love the Magpies that perch on the trees outside the big windows, forcing me to salute and say 'Hello Mr Magpie' Thus making me look like a loony in the gym!

3. Malteaser Bunnies are my new most favourite chocolate in the world (Creme egg I still love you, but the bunnies have me hooked!)

4. I really cant decide what colour to paint the downstairs w/c. Smallest room in the house, toughest to make decisions on!

5. Also, is it odd to put a photo of everyone from our wedding up in the toilet?

6. Another Body Balance class tonight, I hurt so much last week I'm kinda dreading it, kinda looking forward to it.


I thought I'd also take a look at how am I doing on my Resolutions for 2011

#1: Take care of myself more.
Well so far I am 9lbs lighter. I am exercising at least 4 times a week. and generally I am taking more time for a bit of pampering. A new hairstyle is on the cards in the not too distant future! :)

#2: Get house decorated.
Now known as the home makeover. ;) living room is 99% finished. Downstairs w/c is well on the way to being done. as is our bedroom, and we have started on the garden... so slowly but surely we are getting there.

#3: Change our lifestyle.
Now this is the one I didn't feel ready to share too much about. And I'm still not ready to share too much more. but the first steps have been taken, they may be tentative baby steps, but it seems the journey has started. I should be able to share a little more on this matter soon. :) x

#4: Improve my blog and start up an online shop.
riiiight... well, I guess only you guys out there can really be the judge on if this little space of mine has improved in any way shape or form. I think it looks a little prettier! generally I think it'll just be a case of  trying different things, seeing what works and what doesn't etc. So long as I still enjoy it its all good. :)
The online shop... not got there yet. thats a plan for a little later in the year. If I try and do too much at once I'll turn into a complete stress head, so at the moment all energy is on the home makeover!

#5: Get a dog.
Yeah. I forgot this was even a goal/resolution to be honest. Obviously it has not happened yet. Obviously I would love love LOVE to have a little pooch. But its still not practical :(

Not bad for a couple of month into the year eh! :) yay me! xx

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