31 December 2010

Goals and Resolutions for 2011

I dont normally make resolutions. Bu this year after I was thinking back at what happened in 2010. It started me thinking about the changes we want to make in 2011, and the things we want to acheive.

So here are my 5 main goals and resolutions for 2011.

#1 :    Take care of myself more
The obvious one of lose weight falls into this catergory. This year I am going to give Slimming World a go. I have tried following Weight Watcters on and off for a few years now, and the weight comes off a bit. then goes back on, then comes off, and I just think a change will do me good.
Keeping up with the gym. setting myself a goal of a  minimum of 3 times a week with this one. as soon as I am there I love it. its just getting my backside there that I can struggle with, but Darren is great at motivating me.
Then generally just treating myself a bit more. The odd massage and facial. generally just treat myself better.

#2 :    Get house decorated
Speaks for itself really. Since the changes in the housing market, and now knowing we shall be staying here for the forseeable future, we have started making our house a home. We did it up a bit when we first moved in but because originally it wasnt a long term plan to stay here we didnt really make it ours.
We have made a start, but in 2011 we'd really love to get the majority of it finished.
I'll share before, during and after pics on there throughout the whole process.

#3 :    Change our lifestyle
This is a hope... and at the moment I dont feel ready to share the details on this one. The first part of it is to have paid back money that we have borrowed (not including mortgage! unless anyone has a get rich quick scheme they would like to share with us!) But after thatI'm keeping my cards close to my chest. Hopefully we'll have the wheels in motion within the first half of the year at the latest. Sorry I cant share more right now, but I need to have some secrets right! ;)

#4 :    Improve my blog and start up an online shop
This has been a dream of mine for a while. I love art, photography, creating. and the time has come to make it an actual goal. I plan on signing up for this blog course online, learn more about how to make the most out of my blog, and more about the blogging community.
I want to get out and take more photos, and creating things people love is just the greatest feeling. I need to gain more confidence in myself and my work. But I want to do something I love and that makes me happy. And 2011 is the year that I am going to make it happen.

#5 :    Get a dog
Haha. random perhaps, but we both really really want fur-babies! and its an important part of the lives that we want to be living. At some point in the next year we want to have at least one addition to the Mann family/household.

They are resolutions/goals that consist of small things and big changes. But they are most importantly all achievable.I have my list saved on my phone for the days I start to wonder what I am doing, and why I am bothering.
Sure there will be ups and downs, if things were easy all the time you'd lose interest and get bored. The work makes the end product all the more worthwhile.

xx   Happy New Year   xx

What are your resolutions, goals and hopes for 2011?

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