2 December 2010


Thats all that seems to be talked about at the moment.
The country seems to be struggling and coming to some sort of standstill because of the white stuff falling from the sky (though I don't think it falls, if you watch it it actually floats, its very pretty to watch. even prettier if you are at home, indoors, on the new sofa with a hot drink!)
We haven't actually had a great deal here, but the snow and low temperatures are enough to keep Darren from working. its not the best weather to be building walls, they would probably fall down.
So he has been at home finishing decorating and generally trying to get stuff sorted while I come to work. The drive is ok one out of our little estate (which has ice rinks, not roads now!) and until I get onto the industrial estate (again, ice rink not roads) but it has still approximately doubled my journey time.
Its cold in the office too, there is no proper heating, a couple of electric heaters, and certainly nothing as glam as double glazing.

I think I may go shopping and find some new snow boots (the ones I had before broke earlier in the year when it last snowed, so while I could still wear them, they didn't exactly stay on my feet very well because the ties had broken!) if it is supposed to be a bad and snowy winter I shall definitely be requiring some!

On another note, I seem to have gone into hibernation mode and have piled some weight back on. Its not helping me feel very good about myself at the moment thats for sure, so I shall be dragging my lardy arse back to the gym (now I am feeling better) and back to eating healthy.

Happy Thursday
Jules x

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