31 December 2010

2010... Highlights (image heavy-ish)

The last day of 2010. and I am full of cold and feeling rotten, but ignoring that less than perfect end to the year (though we shall make the most of it, curl up under a blanket with take out, a hot toddy and play monopoly all night) I am going to look back on the highlights of 2010.

Obviously first on my highlights list is our wedding and honeymoon in June.
Best. Day. EVER! (I may have mentioned this before! Haha) my husband was (is) so handsome, everyone smiling, wonderful weather, wonderful company. I can't remember another day when I felt even half as happy, for the whole entire day. Literally almost 24 hrs of total joy. 
 From waking at 5am (ish) with mild butterflies, to finally making it to bed, where we impatiently opened all our cards and gifts at 3.30am :) I enjoyed it all.

Wedding photos all taken by friends which I have then stolen from Facebook! the originals are much better quality of course, but my Netbook is not wanting to play along at the moment! x

Then our honeymoon with the excitement of Vegas, stepping off the plane into 40+ degree heat, flying over and landing in the Grand Canyon, walking the strip, watching the Bellagio fountains and a Cirque du Soleil show.
Followed by the relaxation and bliss of Mexico (one of my favourite places ever) beautiful scenery, so much wildlife, snorkelling, Mayan history, wonderful people and a swim up bar! (Cocktails IN the pool!! OMFG, yes we were drunk by about 10am the first morning!) Heaven. 

My 30th birthday comes in a close second, when my new husband really spoilt me with an overnight stay in London, along with a show (Chicago - which I think he loved as much as me, but more for the outfits than the actual show!) dinner at the ritz and a day at a spa! Bliss!
Dinner at the Ritz was the best meal of the year for sure (no photos, your not allowed to take them in the dining room there!! Meh! Super lush though!)
I had pigeon to start, followed by lamb, and then a strawberry mousse thing to finish. Plus the champagne my boss sent to our table (he was there celebrating his birthday too!) And the petit fours. All absolute perfection.

Other memorable moments, were our break away for Darrens birthday at a lovely B&B opposite Alton Towers, and then the day at Alton Towers too of course.

Our holiday to Malta with Darrens family.

My lovely cousin Laura (whom this year I got back in touch with) getting engaged to her equally lovely bloke John.
And the engagement party that followed, where I may, or may not have fallen over the bin in the kitchen!

Seeing Rammstein live at Birmingham with our good friends Leanne and Ed.

The birth of our other good friends Dave & Sian's 2nd child Oscar, a little brother for Harry.

I am sure there are many more things too, but at this particular moment in time they slip my mind.
Here's hoping 2011 is filled with many more happy memories. And I hope yours are too. x

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