6 December 2010

I don't normally drink a lot of coffee

But when I do, I like good coffee. I can't drink strong coffee it sends me slightly loopy, but a nice latte or cappucino is always a welcome treat.

Hubby however loves coffee, and drinks it daily. We often pop to our local coffee shop after going to the gym at the weekends, so we decided that we would ask if his family would all pitch together and buy us a nice coffee machine for Xmas this year.

We got it early! hehe.
Mum and Brother popped round yesterday with it. Unfortunately, when we went to try it out yesterday there was something wrong with the machine and it tripped our electrics and blew the fuse in the plug. Which we changed, and it blew another fuse and tripped the electric again.
Darren went with his Mum and changed the machine today, and we have used it this evening when I was home from work to try it out.

Its lush. So lush in fact we had 2 capucinos each. and because I am not used to drinking coffee I have made myself feel rather ill.
We do need some new cups though. we used the spotty ones hubby brought me for my birthday last year (along with a matching teapot, milk jug and toast rack... I do love having a nice breakfast) but they do not fit under the machine properly. I am hoping the large teacup and saucers they do in the same range will be perfect. But for the meantime we shall just make espresso in the mini milk jug and pour it into our normal mugs!

Now we just need a new kitchen to go with our lovely red coffee machine! :D

Happy Monday
Jules x

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