11 December 2010

Xmas Wish List

Seeing as its just 2 weeks until Xmas day. I thought I would share some of the items on my Xmas wish list. Kind of a gift guide I guess, more just a post about the items I am lusting after at the moment.

I am completely and utterly lusting over this camera from UrbanOutfitters. some film to go with it would be nice too. I always gravitate to red coloured things at Xmas time. in all honesty any colour would do, but i'd l.o.v.e to open this beautiful red version xmas morning. £45
I absolutely cannot get black military style capes out of my head at the moment. I love them. This particular one is from Topshop and at £95 is over what we could afford this year, and more than I'd ask anyone to buy me. But if anyone happens to have seen something similar and mucho cheaper elsewhere feel free to let my husband know! ;)
I really could use a mouse for my new netbook. A little wireless one for when I am in the house would be great. and this one is cute and colourful too. and its on sale! £17.49
Another sale item. how wonderfully convenient that I love this jumper from H&M and its half price at just £4.99 I have a lot of striped items of clothing. I dont know why, I just always find myself gravitating towards them when I go shopping. This is lovely, thin knits are so much better for layering, and add less bulk to your frame, always good when your trying to lose weight and look svelte. :)
And finally. A book of dogs in photobooths. Need I say more?
(and just £6.49 hello stocking filler!)

No doubt within around 20 minutes of me posting this all the prices will change! :)
I am now spending the rest of the day sprucing up the house and hopefully doing some more on my crochet scarf

Happy Saturday

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