15 December 2010

Not the best start

Its been a pretty crappy couple of days to be honest.

First the kettle broke on Monday. Not a big deal you may think, but without my morning cup of tea I can get decidedly grouchy.
I resorted to using the coffee machine to heat water, which worked, but didnt give me a steaming hot cuppa. We do have an old kettle we are using at the moment, it slops water everywhere and takes what seems like half an hour to boil. But it does the job.

I *want* this kettle
But at almost £70 we just can't justify it at the moment... its so red and shiny, and it matches the coffee machine, and it makes me feel slightly giddy.

Anyway. Darrens car has also seen its last days. the Head Gasket or some such important part had broken, and the amount it'll cost to fix is just not worth it for the value of the car. So, the plan is to sell it as spares or repair and get a new one.
With Darren not working much because of the weather, so it just being my income for our household we don't exactly have a lot of spare cash to go car shopping. I am sure something will resolve itself. Otherwise I shall just be getting up super early to take him places to get lifts to work. Though how we shall fit all his building kit into my mini is not something we have worked out yet! (even more so, if I go car shopping this weekend and get something smaller! haha)

On the plus side, he does have an interview. HOORAH. Fingers, toes and all other extremities crossed. a regular income over the winter months would be fabulous, and would reduce stress considerably.

And who wants to be stressed over Xmas!?

Speaking of which. It is only 10 days away. My shopping is all done. the groceries are all ordered. presents are almost all wrapped, and we *might* have Xmas eve off work. though its not yet been decided.

Anywhooo, I have decided 2011 is going to be my/our year. I have decided therefore it shall be. ;)

Merry Wednesday. xxx

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