30 December 2010

Christmas Update

Christmas Eve

On Xmas eve we were going to pick up my new little car (litterally, little. its a Peugeot 107. Bright yellow)Before we left for the garage we decided to treat ourselves to breakfast out at the Hungry Hosse, a little place in Corby. Hidden along a little street behind some shops its a proper little greasy spoon. I havent been for absolutely ages, and the last time Darren went was the morning of our wedding.
They do the best, and biggest breakfasts, and  unlimited tea and coffee refills. We both had 'medium' breakfasts. bacon, sausage, bread, fried bread, eggs, beans, tomatoes, square sausage and a tatty scone. I'd have had a samll, but I really wanted the square sausage and tatty scone! :D

We ate as much as we could, but couldnt finsh them. I could bearly move after eating it all!
On the plus side, We didnt need to eat again all day, and seeing as we spent the rest of the day collecting my car, visiting friends and wrapping last minute presents that was a good thing!
We finally finished up at about 10pm. So we just ate some cheese, pate and crackers and headed up the wooden hill to bed.

Think it may become an Xmas Eve tradition to go to the Hungry Hosse, it was a lovely start to the holidays.

Christmas Day

We had a quiet one this Christmas, Just me and Darren at home. We were up early, part through excitement, part through me wanting to get the huuuuge gammon in the slow cooker!
We were truely spoilt this year, and got so many great gifts. Darrens Mum came over for Christmas breakfast, after she left we played games, ate dinner (quite a sucess if I say so myself!) and generally just chilled out.
I didnt get many photos as I spent the majority of the day in my pyjamas, but here are a few I did take.

Boxing Day

Now was the day after Xmas boxing day or was it not? I didnt think boxing day could fall on a Sunday so technically Monday was boxing day, but I cant be bothered to work it all out properly, so its just boxing day... the Sunday. k. :)
We had family and friends round on boxing day. My Mum, Dad and Sister. Darrens mum, and our friends Leanne and Ed,
Doenst sound like many people right, but then including me and Darren, in our teeny tiny house, we couldnt have fitted more people in if we had tried.
Again, I got rather distracted and really didnt take any photos. infact I think this may be the only one!!

Yep. Darren and Ed pretending to be Walrus's (Walruses, Walrus's... whats the correct plural for Walrus??) using sponge fingers (the ones normally used for making trifle) as tusks.
Me and Leanne. We are lucky lucky gals no?? :D
It was a good day. good fun.
I made a buffet... perhaps I got slightly carried away with the food. more like feeding 80 not 8! But again... no pictures. Doh! and it all looked so lovely, with my new Xmas pudding bowls and 3 tiered stands of sandwhices and nibbles.

After all that we have generally spent the last few days on the sofa/in bed. partly down to illness. partly down to pure bone idle lazyness! :)

The time on the sofa/in bed. has given me chance to pen out a couple of posts though. one looking back on the highlights of 2010. Yeah some crappy stuff happened, but I am just going to focus on the good stuff. And another of resolutions and goals for 2011... that one I am still working on!

Happy Thursday. xx