29 November 2010

Pizza pizza!! (And a new sofa!)

Tonight I came home to a ball of pizza dough that Darren had made this afternoon.
It was going to be yesterdays dinner, but I wasn't feeling too well so we decided to have a 'new sofa celebration with pizza' night! Haha.
It was L.O.V.E.L.Y! Sooo good. This may become a weekly Saturday night meal (Darrens cooking night)
I topped mine with 3 cheeses (cheddar, mozzarella & mascarpone) green peppers and chorizo. oh my word it really was wonderful, Darren was laughing at me because mine was kinda egg shaped. Who cares? it gave it character and it tasted just as good as his 'round' version! :)

We ate it on the floor because no food is allowed on the new sofa. Obvioulsy. I am so pleased with how it looks...
I was worried that the colour we chose wouldnt actually go with the paint and wallpaper we then chose. we did not take samples to check them against the sofa colour. in hindsight, doing this would have saved a lot of stress heading on my behalf.
As it is, I (*we* I guess, though I am taking full credit for the beauty of the living room!) chose exceptionally well and we have a wonderful tonal match with the wallpaper/paint/sofa.
Now we have pictures and a curtain pole to put up. a new rug, cushions and curains on order, oh yes, and we do still need to paint one wall, and the skirting, and finish the floor edging. BUT, we are best part of the way to being finished.
This makes me very happy. I cant wait to come downstairs in the morning and see out lovely, almost finished, living room!

Happy Monday

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