10 November 2010

Take some time and smell the flowers

A few things got me thinking this morning.
1: Not the best arrival at work, I don't appreciate being moaned at/complained to/raised voices regarding something that I have had nothing to do with. 'Good morning Julia' that would be preferable. ;)
2: This post by the lovely Elsie. (So stylish its painful!) about following your dreams.

Basically, I just want to be happy. and although things may get me down and frustrate me at the moment, I just need to take some time occasionally to remember that I am on the path to be living/working my dreams. Those dreams may evolve over time, and I may get there sooner than expected, It may take longer than expected. but just relax, enjoy the journey. To get where you want will take some work, nothing is just going to fall into your lap, all wrapped up with a pretty bow and some glitter.
But relax, lots of people have been through the same and have survived, flourished even. And worrying/stressing over what you have no control over (at this particular time) or what has not even happened yet is not going to make things any easier.

Just take some time out, and smell the flowers! (this is a super old photo i took years ago in my parents garden. You can get lost for hours photographing flowers in their garden. I love it)

On a separate note, tonight will be my first venture to the gym since having a program written for me. Prepare for an 'I ache' post tomorrow. eek.

Happy Wednesday
Jules x

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