9 November 2010

Weekend Update

This weekend was super busy. It seemed to be non stop, and now I have made it to Tuesday I am feeling the aftermath and just want to curl up under my duvet and sleep.

Friday night we went to our friends and went to watch the Corby town fireworks displays. I did remember to take my camera, but unfortunately it completely threw it down so I was reluctant to get the camera out and get any shots.
But, actually remembering to take it with me was an achievement in itself! (in fact on a separate note, I am finding myself increasingly excited about taking photographs again, and have feel in *love* with a new camera or two I have seen!!)

Saturday was spent mostly on my own. Hubby is playing for a new football team so he is now out for most of Saturday afternoon.
I cleaned, I tidied, I baked (lots) and I learnt to crochet.... here are my 1st and 2nd attempts. 

and last night I tried a triple crochet. Here is a snapshot from my blackberry (yes almost all of my photos are snapped on my BB at the moment!)
I'll be getting myself some wool/yarn this weekend and starting a winter scarf, and blanket. Watch this space for updates.

Sunday we had a lie in, a big cooked brunch, which was followed by my program session at the gym (which btw, they have upped everything I do and I am sure they are trying to kill me!) When we returned home we decided to set about sorting out our loft. Which was easier than imagined, but still a huuuuge job. I knew we had a lot of crap up there, but really!! There was stuff up there I am sure I had never seen before. Thankfully not one spider was found (this may have resulted in injury from me trying to fly down the loft ladder, which is next to our stairs, so possibly serious injury!) and the loft is now wonderfully arranged and decluttered, meaning we have more space to chuck up all the crap from the spare room! :D

Onwards and upwards with the house makeover!

Happy Tuesday
Jules x

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