12 November 2010

I feel rotten.

Firstly. Apologies for the grumbling short post this will be today. Generally I just feel blurgh. You know when you just dont feel *right*?
I didnt sleep much last night from feeling rotten, and things have not improved much today. Not able to eat much before I just feel yuck, and I am super sleepy.

oh, and the aching, whether its gym induced, or manky illness induced. The aching is increasing.

Also, the paint colour I thought would be perfect, is quite frankly, not perfect. Its is in fact naff all like the colour chart said. So, do we settle for an almost colour, or do we keep on searching? hmmm. I'm not sure. Not sure at all.
I think I may take the almost colour, and paint a patch on every single wall in the room, see how it looks in the different lights. Of course I mean I shall talk Darren into painting a patch on each wall. I am obviously too ill and achey to be doing any of that sort of thing.

On the plus side. It is Friday. It is around half way through my working day, so I am on the homeward stretch. and all that is planned for the weekend are Gym visits, painting/decorating and watching the boxing on Sat night with Pizza and Beer, illness depending of course! :)

Happy (ish) Friday
Jules x

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