20 November 2010

Rich tea biscuits & a bottle of lucozade

Along with a cup of tea, a dodgy laptop and Xfactor on the TV.

Thats my Saturday night. Darren is out at a wedding reception we'd been invited to, unfortunately I have felt awful all day. Hot and cold sweats, tight chest, coughing, sneezing, aching. Generally the works. Yuck.

I dont want this to be a moany post though, so on the plus side, we have started the decorating. 2 walls painted (one of them may need another coat) Dad is coming tomorrow to paper the feature wall in the living room. Next weekend we shall be painting the landing ceiling, the big wall that goes up the stairs, and the rest of the landing. AND at some point we need to do the gloss painting too!

Oh and paint the hallway, get the furniture, and put all the finishing touches together (I'd like to finish decorating the downtails WC too, but Darren told me to stop adding things to the 'to do list')

Just keep repeating to self 'it will be worth it in the long run, it will be worth it in the long run!'

And seeing as tomorrow all we'll be doing is decorating, I will not be taking bets on what the Sunday Snapshot will be about! :)

Happy Saturday x

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