1 November 2010

Pumpkin Carving

Here are some photos* from our pumpkin carving party at my parents last night.
*Taken by both me and my sister.

Neither my Dad and Husband had carved a pumpkin before, and were both quite enthusiastic (though from the photos you wouldn't think so. Husband Chap doesn't look exactly enthralled!) The pumpkins were HUGE, expertly grown by my Sister, but she let the 3 of us do the carving.

Quite pleased with how they turned out, Mine was the 'evil' looking one. Dads was the one with the perfectly round nose! (he used his drill, and got pumpkin juice and flesh up the wall in the process) and The Husband Chap made Sponge Bob Pumpkin Pants. I love how they all look together in the garden.  & we are already making plans for next years pumpkin growing and carving extravaganza!

(and so much flesh and so many seeds, I think they may keep us fed most of winter!)

Happy Monday
Jules x

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