16 November 2010

Wintery treats

Today was the first morning I finally declared 'It really is wintery'

As usual Darren was already well on his way to work when I arose from under the duvet. when I had finally coaxed myself out of bed and looked out the window I was greeted by a white frosty garden and misty streets.
Great - I need to scrape the car!

and again, as usual. its not until I am halfway on my journey to work that I realise, actually its all quite beautiful. All the plants and trees covered in frost, like delicate white skeletons. (Skellingtons if you actually speak to me!) The morning light being diffused through the fog.
It was made for taking some beautiful photographs.

As it was, I was in a rush, running late for work, freezing my backside off, and, I didn't have my camera


On the plus side. I arrived home to a hot mug of tea and a jam filled fairy cake (or two)

Made by me, last night when I had an overwhelming urge to bake. I also made 2 beef an onion pies from the Sunday roast leftovers which are now in the freezer for future wintery dinners.

Happy Tuesday.
Jules x

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