19 November 2010

The reason I've not blogged much this week

There are a couple of reasons actually.

1: A couple of nights ago, just on the ebb of falling asleep I had a lovely idea for little blog post, I had practically wrote the whole thing out in my head and I thought it was wonderful.
Of course, as soon as I woke up the idea had vanished. I am sure it is in there somewhere, hiding in the deepest recesses of my brain, but try as I might I cannot coax it back out.
*Lesson learnt* note pad and pen needed on bedside table. I am sure most of my best ideas come to me when I am about to drop off to sleep!

2: Yesterday I had written out a post, it was all about some lovely Xmas lights I had seen on my way home and had brightened my journey significantly. All I needed to do was snap a photo on my way home, and hey presto, done.
Imaging my disappointment when turning the corner and the lights are not switched on! ohh the upset. not only was my blog post null and void (it just wouldnt be the same without the photo for you to see the glory of the lights!) but they made me happy, and they were not there.
*lesson learnt* take photos when you see things! does not matter if its a snapshot on your BB, just TAKE A PHOTO!!

and finally 3: Our laptop is knackered. I was on it all of 15 minutes last night before it started to have a tantrum and close down windows, shut the internet connection on and off, and so on.
To be fair, its had a good life. I brought it when we first moved into our house 3 and half years ago. and even then it was a cheapo refurbished jobby.
I think the time has finally come to give in and say we need something new. Now if the nice lotto fairy would just grant our wishes and have us a little cash win, that would be great. Not much, just enough to get a new laptop, a netbook would do even! perhaps enough for us to finish decorating the living room and bedroom too!? is it too much to ask? ... Probably. :)

So there, thats why I've not updated that much this week. But I have updated now, and it is the weekend at 5.30 tonight. Whoop.

Happy Friday people, Happy FRIDAY!
Jules xx

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