14 March 2011

Monday ... already!

Phew. Were did the weekend go? I dont know about any of you but the weekends just seem to fly by at the moment.
Saturday I was non stop. did my nails when I woke up (a few years ago I did a nail technician course, I used to do a few friends nails, but now I just tend to do my own as and when I fancy it! I am a terrible nail biter!!) took delivery of the groceries, cleaned the kitchen, tidied the living room and bedroom, hoovered the stairs and cleaned the bathroom (its exhausting just writing it all!) I stopped for half hour and grabbed a pasta mugshot for lunch then set about dying my hair.
Darren came home as I had finished drying it and we went into town to pick up Tickets for us to see Jenny Eclair that evening (Me and Leanne, not Darren!) Popped to another couple of shops. Home to get changed and ready, grabbed a couple of chicken kickers and a slice of Pizza from Darren (yep, the meal plan went out the window!) Watched Jenny Eclair (rather funny, though we both said we would have found it funnier if we were 20years older and a bit more middle class!) home and finally to bed.


Sunday was the laziest morning imaginable. Darren cooked breakfast in bed, and we did not get up 'properly' until well gone midday! Lovely after such a busy Saturday,

Then when we fiiiinally made it out of our cosy bed. We started to rip the garden to pieces. It had gotten in such a mess over the past 2 years with me being unwell and then the wedding last year that it really does need a full on overhaul.
After chatting about it over breakfast in bed we came to the conclusion that the bedroom has very little to be done to it. Where as the garden... thats going to be one BIG job.

So, The bedroom makeover is on hold until Easter time when I have some time off and can get painting etc. and Darren is concentrating on the garden. At the moment its pretty much ripping stuff out, levelling the ground and doing some hard landscaping. None of which I would be very helpful with, so I shall take on the role of coffee maker and biscuit provider. While pointing out what should go where.

I'll share some of our garden plans later this week. But just as a quick share, these are the slabs we are planning on.

Have a good Monday everyone x

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