1 April 2011

Weigh In & Meal Plans

Good afternoon. Well, last night when weighing in I stayed the same... again! but again, on the bright side I did not gain!
I have convinced Darren that he should bribe me into tracking and being 100% commited. and hes agreed that if I completely stick to it this week and get a good loss (2lbs or more) he will agree to one, 30minute foot or back rub! I like this idea, get skinny and get massaged!! whoop! haha.

I have also had this afternoon off with Darren, as today we have been together for 6 years! any excuse for some time off! :) We have just got back from a little bike ride. I haven't even attempted to ride a bike for 17 years, and have had a bike in the shed for almost 4 years gathering cobwebs. but I did it. I'll have a proper post about that coming soon.

Here are this weeks meal plans..

Saturday - Extra Easy
Breakfast/Lunch: 'Full English' brunch
Dinner: Those Burgers & chips (One of Hubbys favourite meals now it seems!)

Sunday - Extra Easy - out on bike in afternoon!
B: Fruit salad
L/D: Mothers day lunch out... I am going to go for something like a chicken salad, or gamon steak. No creamy sauces etc.

Monday - Extra Easy - Gym in morning
B: Weetabix & fruit
L: BNS soup & egg salad
D: Prawn & pepper kebabs with rice & thai sweet chilli sauce.

Tuesday - Green - gym or class in evening
B: Egg & beans on toast
L: leftover rice & kebabs
D: Creamy mushroom & pepper risotto

Wednesday - Extra Easy - Gym in morning, class in evening
B: Weetabix/granola & fruit
L: BNS soup & chicken or egg salad
D: Chilli con carne & rice

Thursday - Green - SW in evening
B: Egg, beans, mushrooms on toast
L: Leftover risotto
D: Lazy dinner a'la Darren - Quorn, Jacket pot, cheese & sweetcorn

Friday - Extra Easy - Gym in morning
B: Weetabix/granola & fruit
L: leftover chilli & rice
D: 'diet coke' chicken!

I've got some of my favourite fruit coming in the groceries this week, strawberries, pinapple and passionfruit. and I aso ordered double the amount of frozen raspberries we normally get. so lots of fruit for snacking/desserts, and lots of exercise planned.

Fingers crossed for a good week this time. Happy weekend everyone. xx

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