7 April 2011

The birds are singing

And its a beautiful day out there. The last couple of days we have been able to have the office windows open (needed them open, as soon as the sun hits its like a little greenhouse)

The birds have been tweetering on the branches outside, and everyone seems to be smiling.

One thing it has meant for me, is I have an incredible urge to get out in the garden, have BBQs and go camping!

(both photos from 2009!)

Unfortunately, the garden looks like a building site, and we haven't camped for a couple of years so we need to check the tent (for mould and holes) before we go (by putting it up in the garden!) plus with Darren now working Saturdays we need to plan ahead and book time off for camping weekends.

The forecast for this weekend is good, so hopefully we can get out into the garden, start clearing out the mess, digging out what is needed and get everything prepared for the hard landscaping to begin.

Even just clearing the garden out will mean we can have the odd BBQ without having to perch our plates on a pile of bashed up slabs/hardcore :)
I can see a few trips to the tip/recycling centre on the horizon.

Hopefully though once we have started everything will go smoothly, and in no time at all we shall have a lovely new patio, brick raised beds (have I mentioned our evil clay soil? evil to try and grow anything in!) and a lovely new shed.
The fences and furniture need a lick of paint, and the shed we are planning on painting a nice sky blue & cream. Kinda like this but not as cute or cozy, it'll be a normal functioning shed for storage. I'd love a little summer house retreat like that but in our garden... not gonna happen. (you can see how small it is above) also... how amazing is this? Dear god I would love that shed!

Add some flowers (and veggies, I have plans for a designated veggy growing section) and some gingham cushions for the chairs and I will be one happy little gardener.


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