15 April 2011

Ohhh Yeah! (aka: Weigh In Result & Meal Plans)

2.5lbs off!! ohh yeah you heard me.

On a side note, I cannot say 'ohh yeah' now without this going through my head.
God I love that movie! haha

Anyway, I'm not quite sure how I lost 2.5lbs. in my opinion my week as more 'treat filled' than last week, and I did minimal exercise.
I am getting my backside back to the gym/body balance etc this week, and I am going to make a conscious effort to drink more water especially when I am working out.

Really hoping I can get 2lbs off next week, as that'll hit my 1stone loss. which would just be awesome!

Here is this weeks meal plans. This week is a minimal grocery shopping week. We do these occasionally to use up stuff thats been in the freezer/pantry for a while. :)

Saturday: Extra Easy - Gym in morning
B: Porridge with Jam or fruit
L: Tortilla squares and salad
D: Fish, chips & mushy peas

Sunday: Extra Easy
B: Porridge with Jam or fruit
L: Tortilla squares, salad, golden rice, pasta salad etc (picnic-y food)
D: Prawn, chicken & chorizo Paella

Monday: Extra Easy - Gym in morning
B: Porridge with Jam or fruit
L: Leftover Paella
D: Pasta with spicy tomato sauce & garlic bread

Tuesday: Green - Body Balance in Evening
B: Mushrooms & beans on toast
L: Leftover pasta & tomato sauce
D: Egg & chips

Wednesday: Extra Easy - Gym in morning
B: Porridge with Jam or fruit
L: Jacket potato, Tuna & salad
D: Buffet/Leftovers! quorn dippers, pizza, sausage, pasta salad, rice salad, tortillas etc

Thursday: Green - SW in evening
B: Eggs & toast
L: leftover bits from last nights buffet style dinner!
D: Darrens Lazy Dinner... Quorn, jacket pot, cheese & sweetcorn

Friday: BANK HOLIDAY!! hoorah! Extra Easy - Gym in the morning
B/L: A Full English for brunch. Sausage, bacon, beans, mushrooms, home made hash browns, tomatoes, eggs, toast. (have I missed anything??)
D: Steak, chips, creamy mushrooms & salad

Happy eating and have a lovely weekend. The weather is supposed to be lovely. :)

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