13 April 2011

On the busses

Its been a little quiet on here for the past couple of days, so thought I would post a quick little update.

I had written a post out on Monday, but as it happens I had a killer headache at the time and it turns out I pressed save instead of publish.
And, also as it happens, it was about the spare room makeover and it would have all been irrelevant now as Darrens brother is taking the old sofa off our hands (traded for a bike for Darren. Trading stuff if so much nicer than just cash for everything. I have something you want, you have something I want. Work out a trade! hoorah)

So, whats been happening. We are still down to sharing the one car, and as my little yellow car was at the garage overnight we took the bus to work this morning.

Here we are at the bus stop. Exciting stuff eh. Its been years since I have been on a bus, and seeing as we shall likely be car sharing for a few months, and with the government encouraging people to use public transport I was kind of looking forward to it.
As it turns out, while I was impressed/pleased the bus route had some perfectly timed busses with very few stops, generally it was crap. for the two of us, one way it was almost as much as I spend in petrol for an entire week! Thats one bus journey, one way! and boy was it uncomfortable. haha

Probably sounding like such a spoiled brat, haha. But its not an experience I shall be hoping to re do any time soon.
Anyway, I called the garage and my car is fine. It might make the odd squeak when its cold (sounds like me) but its not doing any harm. Which is good to know.

The raised beds in the garden are coming along nicely now too. Darren has finished the first one, it just needs a second coat of paint, and we shall be starting the second one soon too. Then we just need to do a bit more prep work, get the slabs and we shall be well on the way to having the landscaping in the garden done.
I shall share some pictures soon of how its all coming together.

Happy Wednesday xx

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