26 April 2011

The holidays are over...

Hello again. I'm back!
I hope everyone has had a lovely Easter, and if you get the bank holidays off work, a lovely long weekend.

Technically I am still on holiday. I am not back to work until next Tuesday, but Darren was back to work today. It felt very odd him getting up early and going off to work leaving me in bed. While he was working as a builder it was normal. Its surprising how soon you get used to changes. He's been a Postman for around 3 months now, and even though I am not a morning person, I now love our morning routine together.

While he is at work for the next 3 mornings I shall be painting the downstairs bathroom (the green we chose was waaaaay to bright and garish, so its all being painted 'snowdrop' now) trying to declutter the spare room, and working on this here blog. (I know I've been a bit lack lustre with my posts and I'm planning on giving it a bit of an overhaul and get a bit more focussed. I do love this little blog, but I don't want it to become a chore or too much of a drain on my time. Quite simply I just need to streamline how I work, and manage my time better)
Our afternoons for the next 3 days are all pretty filled too. A trip to a garden centre today. A trip to Ikea tomorrow and Thursday will be building  furniture and finally getting the spare room into a workable office/studio space.

I am now going to drag my backside out of bed (yes. I am still under the duvet) grab a little breakfast and bake some mini olive and garlic flatbreads before tackling the painting.

Happy Tuesday.x

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