2 April 2011

My weekend so far...

So as I mentioned yesterday, I attempted to ride a bike yesterday for the first time in 17years!
Don't I look just so stylish! haha. The sun was in my eyes too, hence the closed eyes! A couple of things I learnt yesterday... much more sensible to have my hair tied back, it was constantly blowing in my face. and it might be chilly out, but once you start riding that bike you get very warm, very quickly. Layers are good.

The houses in the background behind Darren are where we live, so its litterally at the end of the road, and another street and we are out into the fields.
Anyway, I didnt hurt too much (or so I thought) when I woke, so after the groceries were delivered, and the household chores done I asked Darren if he's like to go on another bike ride, but a proper one this time, not just up and down the same (and relatively level) field/path.

We got ready and got the bikes ready and out the front of the house. This is when I discovered actually, I do hurt. Ouch!! that bike was not comfortable to get back on and my legs did not want to pedal (Even Darren was hurting as its been so long since he'd been on a bike ride!) But we went out to the same field and persevered.
In the first photo of me you can just about make out a viaduct in the background. (the 3rd photo above is zoomed in on the viaduct!) We cicled through the fields (ouch, some parts were bumpy and I half fell off once, I may have bruises!) and down to the viaduct.

We stopped for a moment, trying to see where the new bypass is going to be built (we know one is being built the other side of the viaduct) and I asked Darren if it was still used by trains. To which he replied no. Less than 30seconds later a train trundled over our heads. Looks like it IS still used :)
After that we cycled through the new estate and back home. 1.8miles we mapped it as. So not a long ride, but long for my first proper bike ride I think!!

This afternoon, while Darren was out playing football I decided to relax, have a bit of a pamper and a lovely lunch.

A quick shower with some Soap & Glory goodies (Breakfast scrub, and scub your nose in it) then to bed with a tomato & herb mugshot, cup of tea, juice and huuuge fruit salad (strawberries, pinapple and kiwis. yummy!) an episode of The only way is Essex (which I had not seen until yesterday, words escape me!) and i'm feeling much more rejuvinated and relaxed.

Hope you all have lovely weekends. Tomorrow will be spent with our Mums at the cinema and out for food we think. :)

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