25 February 2011

Weigh in result & meal plans

Good Morning.
So last night was weigh in night, and as I mentioned previously I had myself a mini goal of 1lb, so I could not just get my half stone award, but I would pass it that little bit too.

Well. As it happens I must have been rather good, because I lost 2.5lbs!! Whoop! :D go me. That takes me to 9lbs lost in total. Which considering how easy I am finding it, and how much I am enjoying it is just fabulous.

Of course this means I now have the 'all clear' to get myself some lovely new glasses. and as it happens the new Gok range was launched today it seems. Perfect timing? why yes it is.
It does seem however, that the glasses that I decided I liked and wanted when I had my little sneak peek on Sunday, are Mens. Bah. Whatever. I like them.
Anyway. I am going to share my weekly meal plan with you all again. I got some nice comments about it and you all seemed genuinely interested. (plus if I commit myself to it on here, It should be another incentive to keep myself on track)

Lunch: Egg salad Sandwich
Dinner: Stuffed Potato & Beans (quick dinner as we (myself, Leanne and Dawn) are off to a SW event tonight!)

Saturday - Gym late morning
L: French Toast, bacon & mushrooms
D: SW 'KFC' chicken & chips (new recipe. hope its nice!)

L: Cheese & Bacon Omelette
D: Beef Goulash & Rice (in slow cooker)

Monday - Gym in evening
L: Leftover Goulash & rice
D: Sausage, Chips & beans

Tuesday (Green Day)
L: Egg & potato salad
D: Veggy Jambalaya

Wednesday (Green Day) - Gym in morning
L: Leftover Jambalaya
D: Pasta & Arrabiata Sauce

Thursday - Weigh In
L: Egg & potato salad
D: Homemade Quiche & chips.

I had a couple of realisations this week when sorting out the meal plan. and with us doing the early morning work outs, a couple of things need to change. Not huge changes just little tweaks.
Last week, instead of the Spag Bol on Monday, I cooked a pepper risotto so I could have a 'green day'. I really think this helped me stay on track and get a good weight loss this week.
Also, if I plan those green days on the early morning work out days, it means (with the extra fibre/dairy allowances) I am free to have a quick breakfast before the gym (say a cereal bar) and a proper breakfast after my work out, as I am getting ready for work. Hoorah.
Our weekday evening meals also, generally need to be super quick and simple. because we are either getting in late from weigh in or the gym. or we are knackered from our early morning work out, and quite frankly, if we are knackered we cant be bothered to cook! :)

I'll stop there as I can tell I am beginning to ramble! :) As before, let me know if there are any recipes you would like me to share. x

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