10 February 2011

The secret of happiness...

I've been having a bad week. Not for any particular reason, but you know when sometimes you just have 'one of those days' and then you have another and another, and it turns into 'one of those weeks'
I've been in the worst possible mood, and so argumentative! I cannot be much fun to be around.

Last night, after much sulking and whinging I dragged my moaning backside to the gym, which to be honest, I didnt really enjoy. but I am please with myself for going and doing a work out.

At home, still sulking and feeling sorry for myself I realised I wanted comfort food. I wanted to curl up on the sofa, with a plate of stodge and feel sorry for myself. We had some chicken to use up, and so I decided to attempt chicken risotto.

Now I love risotto. It is pure comfort food (especially with my little added extra, which I shall share in a moment) but I normally do a veggy one, so adding chicken to the mix was, ok, perhaps not thrilling, but it was a bit different! :)

I threw in the chicken, and the rice. plenty of chicken/veg stock. then in went some garlic, peppers, mushrooms and a lonely half courgette that was left in the fridge. Plenty of seasoning, chilli powder and mixed herbs.
Just before its finished, and this is the key to taking it to the next comfort food level, stir in a spoonful of cream cheese... *sigh* heavenly.

Curled up on the sofa, with Darren, a furry blanket, my risotto and a lovely cappuccino made for me by Darren. It really was the most relaxed and happiest I have been this week.

So thats my secret, for this week at least. sometimes you just need to indulge yourself a little... and make yourself risotto.


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