12 February 2011


Good afternoon.
Todays plans have gone completely to pot. I had planned to get up early, get to the gym for it opening and do a full work out, then pop into town shopping, I need hair dye and I wanted an eyebrow pencil amongst other things, and to get Darren a card for Valentines. Then to get some groceries and cook roast gammon for dinner.
Unfortunately I didnt sleep well last night, but at some point I managed to do something to my neck, and this morning I can barely move!
So instead of gym and shopping, I am on the sofa. Heat pack on neck and cup of tea in hand.

I did manage however to do some batch cooking this morning of stuffed potatoes. (basically baked potatoes, scoop the potato out and mix with cheese, veggies, herbs etc, whatever takes your fancy. and stuffed back into the skins) Chilli and chorizo, and bacon and herb. They are now cooled and popped into the freezer for easy lunches and dinners next week.

Hopefully my neck will be better as soon as possible. Especially seeing as I have Monday and Tuesday off work! :)

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