4 February 2011

Whoop - Friday!

Good evening. Just a quick post before I climb the wooden hill to bed. Plus, my computer is being a complete bitch and not working right tonight. Very frustrating!

I had my weigh in last night of course., and I lost 1lb! :D fabulous when you think we ate out twice at the weekend. 6lbs in 4 weeks is not to be sniffed at and its the most consistant and best weight loss (with such little effort!!) that I have had in a long time.

Next week the meeting I normally go to changes. there are so many people now that it needs to be split into 2 sessions, because of work I have no choice but to go to the later session. I am toying with the idea of doing an exercise class for the hour previous. We'll see hoe it goes and I'll take it from there and decide on what to do.

Well I have a busy day ahead of me tomorrow. Gym first thing and then I am going to start on the ecourse I signed up for. Going to get my photography equiptment out too and dust it all down! :) And Darren has an early start with work, so I shall log off now and try and get some sleep, though with the wind raging outside like it is I shall most likely have a night filled of wizard of oz type dreams, or I'll lie there hoping our rickety old shed has not blown away! :)

Leaving you with Weezer - Beverly Hills. ... I am so completely longing for summer you would not believe!

Goodnight x

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