17 February 2011

A Yellow Dress

I had seen this dress on the H&M website and loved it.

Yesterday while out shopping we popped into H&M and I couldn't resist taking a look at it. I still loved it. loooook at it!...

Its so sunny and ruffle-y and just so lovely. I tried on my usual size. and couldn't get it on properly. :(
So i brought it in a size smaller!!! :O WTF! Smaller!! are you crazy.

Yes. I think I might be. but you see I have decided THIS is my goal dress. This is the dress that when I shift the lard and get back to the weight/size I want to be then this is the dress I want to wear to celebrate.

The fact I have brought it scares me somewhat. what if I still can't fit into it?? its not the money spent on it that bothers me (it was all of the wonderfully priced £15) its the fact that I love it. if it still does not fit, what do I do? other than cry uncontrollably of course! but come on. 2 sizes smaller. 2 and half stone (35lbs) that'll get me down 2 sizes wont it??
wont it?? Someone please tell me yes!

Anyway. I love it. I WILL wear it. I will wear it this summer.
*crosses all fingers and toes and prays it fits when I've lost weight*


Rachel said...

gorgeous, you can do it!.

KeliTwirls said...

thats gorgeous, i want it!
£15! bargain
and of course u can do it!

Moominjules said...

Thanks girls. I do love it! :D