22 February 2011

Weekend Update

Just a quick post with an update from my weekend. We didnt do a great deal, but (as I have probably said before) the occasional lazy weekend is lovely! :)

Saturday Darren worked. And he discovered that being a postie when it is absolutely lashing it down with rain is not particularly fun. It certainly slowed him down so he was home later and we did not make it to the gym. But I made him a hot cup of coffee and big bowl of pasta & sauce for when he go home to warm him up.
(He'd have had soup like your 'supposed to' to warm up. But we had no bread and I wasn't about to go out in that rain! heh heh)

Then because of the terrible weather his footy match Sat afternoon was cancelled. So while I studied and sorted through some photos He played computer games.
... We finally ordered some wedding shots that people have asked for, and some prints for the frames we have at home. No more empty frames on the wall for us! Not in the living room anyway.

We are now so close to finishing the living room its almost unreal! Just a little bit of painting, the flooring edging and new light fitting and we are done! I am so excited :)

Ahh yes. That reminds me. My Saturday morning, while Darren was out braving the weather, was spent clambering about in our spare room.
And when I say clambering I really do mean it... You couldn't get in the room and you certainly could not close the door! ... This is it after I have spent around an hour, possibly two, trying to sort it out.
Arghhh. Sorry. I know its a scary sight! and thats just one corner of the room! :( I'm worn out just looking at the crap we need to sort out. of course having the old sofa in there until we can sell it takes up a big chunk of space. But a lot of it is just accumulated rubbish that has slowly and surely been growing over the years. I'd completely love to have it as a fully fledged working spare room/office/studio again. But if we tackle it a bit at a time we shall get there gradually. :)

Sunday was a super lazy day. I didn't even get out of bed until 12.30. Super lazy. Then all we did was pop into town to help Darrens Mum choose some glasses. I of course tried on almost every pair in the shop too. And they showed me some of the new Gok Wan ones that they have just had in but are not out yet. Some of them were truly horrid, but some were lovely. I particularly liked No:12 which was almost in a camo green print.
I found some prescription sunglasses I liked too. They may have been in the mens section, but who cares! I liked them. I do have a slight obsession with sunglasses. We may only have about 1 week of the year here in Blighty that you can wear them, but I love them so. The bigger and more bug eye the better.
I got some fabulous ones for £2 from Primark just last week. unfortunately my attempt at wearing contacts was unsuccessful (My eyelid will NOT let me stick my finger in my eye!) so wearing normal sunglasses is now limited to reading a book in the garden or by the pool. (When we go on holiday of course!) I'll have to share my sunglasses collection with you all sometime. :)

When we got home we had a quick lunch and curled up on the sofa together to watch Boardwalk Empire (Which I like. The styling is amazing, but its taking me a while to get into it fully!) play Mafia2, and eat Lasagne. Lovely.

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