7 February 2011

Saturday Night Bowling

We haven't been bowling for ages. litterally years. But Saturday morning Darrens Mum/Brother called and asked if we wanted to go. Dinner was in the slow cooker, but I just shoved that onto 'warm' and along we went.
My feet are so small in comparison to Darrens!
Darren can spin bowl... show off! :)
where as I just chuck it and see what happens. :)
his brother, also a spin bowler at times, and his Mum... an fellow 'chucker'
after 8 they turn out the lights, and put neons on.
It really was good fun, even though I came last in every... single... game! haha. and by the way. lovong bowling shoes! I want my own pair.
Such Fun! :D

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