18 February 2011

Weigh in result & meal plans

Good morning. Thought I would pop on quickly to fill you in on my weigh in last night. I lost half a pound!! half a pound. Seems I am still chasing after that elusive half stone loss!

Its not been a brilliant week, what with my shoulder giving me gyp I wasn't able to cook as much, and certainly no exercise. and when your in pain generally just just want to eat crap. I do anyway! and while I didn't eat crap 100% of the time, I did give in to cake, chocolate and other treats much quicker and more often than normal. Plus we had our valentines day treat. :)

So. although I still have a hurty shoulder, I am going back to the gym (just doing no arm/shoulder work at all of course!) and I have planned the weeks meals. These are not set in stone by any stretch of the imagination, but having an idea what i'll be doing for lunches and dinners certainly helps. The groceries get delivered this afternoon.

Lunch: Stuffed potato (pre made in the freezer!) & baked beans
Dinner: Chicken & mushroom curry. with rice.

Saturday. - Gym late morning
L: Baked potatoes (and i'll cook some extra and make some stuffed ones for in the freezer!)
D: Double bacon and cheese burgers, and chips.

Sunday. - Gym, swim or bike ride in afternoon
L: cooked brunch - a 'full English'
D: Veggy lasagne, salad and Garlic bread

Monday. - Gym evening
L: Chilli & prawn noodle pot
D: Spaghetti Bolognese, salad and garlic bead

L: Leftover lasagne & salad
D: fish, chips & mushy peas

Wednesday. - Gym or a class
L: leftover lasagne or Spaghetti bolognese & salad
D: Chilli beef noodles

Thursday. - Weigh in.
L: Chilli beef noodle pot
D: Stuffed potato (made previously in the week, out of freezer) & baked beans eaten when I am back home after weigh in.

If you like the sound of any of these meal ideas and want the recipe, let me know. I'll do photos and a recipe guide post on here for it. :)


Sarah Denton said...

can I get the recipe for your stuffed potatoes, I like the idea of cooking a load in advance, thanks :)

Sez said...

Great menu sounds so delish!!

Moominjules said...

I'll post it soon Sarah.x

Thanks Sez. really looking forward to the homemade burgers! :) x