23 February 2011

Aww Shucks!

I don't want to get all gushy and soppy, but I just thought I should post a quick thanks to all you lovely people who seem to read my little ol' blog!

I can't believe I have 18 people that actually follow it!! lol (*waves* to new followers!) ok, I know in comparison to some blogs 18 is really a drop in the ocean. but to me its HUGE! :)

Also, Thanks for all the comments and messages re my recipe post on Monday. I was honestly chuffed to bits that so many people liked it and are going to give them a try. (though now I am slightly scared that everyone will hate them and wonder what planet I am on! haha)

Anyway. Thanks and yeah, Awesome! :D
Thats enough gushy-ness for now I think. on to much more frivolous things.

I have decided I am getting the Gok Wan glasses I mentioned yesterday. However looking on the Specsavers website, They do not have them online yet. and do you think I can find a picture anywhere to share with you? Nope. If they are not on the shelves next week I shall just ask for the ones I want. I know they have them and I want them because I tried them already. They wont turn down a sale surely?? :)
These are the sunglasses I am going to get though. Yes. 'mens' apparently. but really can glasses be sexed? I dont think so.
Anyway. here's the deal I have, HAVE, to make it to my half stone this week in order to allow myself to order these glasses this weekend. Not only make it. but clear it. So its at least 1lb loss.

I know its Wednesday already, and I get weighed tomorrow evening. and I know 1lb isn't exactly an earth shattering amount. but with my record over the past couple of weeks. breaking the STS/half pound cycle would be great. I've tracked what I have eaten, I've got off the couch and got my backside to the gym.
If that 1lbs comes off. I am having those damned glasses! (I probably need new ones anyway. but technically I could get new lenses in old glasses! booo)

Keep your fingers, toes, arms.. whatever all crossed for my weigh in tomorrow night. Otherwise I'll have one god almighty sulk on if I don't lose that 1lb!