11 February 2011

Friday Lunchtime

Afternoon all.
Its Friday, its Lunchtime. and its about time I gave you all a Weigh In update.

I stayed the same. Arse.

One of those things, In hindsight although I ate well and did not go over my syns etc, al lot of what I ate was carb fuelled stodge. We all have times like that though I guess. I was mightily peeved last night, I so wanted to get my first half stone off. and while I am still sulking about it today, I have made an effort to have fruit with my breakfast, and for snacking. I also have veggy (Butternut squash to be precise) soup for my lunch.

I'm going to spend some time later today working out a meal plan for the week. and I am going to make sure we have plenty of fruit and veggies in there.

Darren is working tomorrow, and I have Monday and Tuesday off work. So my routine will be a bit shot, but I am going to make the best out of it and go gym more, and do some batch cooking for those lazy evenings when you just cannot be bothered.

and I am going to make it to that half stone next week. I am. I'm going to blow it out of the effing water!

Much Love.


KeliTwirls said...

That's right, you can do it!

Jules x said...

Thanks Kel. x