16 February 2011

Valentines & more.

Good afternoon.
As you may have noticed if you check back here regularly, I've been absent for a couple of days. As I mentioned previously I had a couple of days booked off work, and the couple of days off work, evolved into a couple of days off everything really. So just unplugging from the world pretty much completely and spending some quality time with my Husband.

You know what. I feel fabulous for it.

Monday Darren had his rota'd day off. which was just pure luck, so we got to spend Valentines together and doing whatever we wanted. We got up late, took our time getting ready, popped into town (where among other things I brought a new dress... more on that at a later date) Then we went for lunch at our local Harvester.
I ate Cajun Prawns, salad and stuffed mushrooms, Darren ate garlic mushrooms, salad and a cheese and bacon burger. The Cajun prawns are just wonderful. I'm not going to bother with a main meal next time. I'll be happy with the prawns and a bit of salad. I'll have room for dessert then too! ;)
After lunch we popped back out shopping so Darren could get Mafia2 for the PS3, then finally we made our way to the Cinema to watch Tangled (such grown ups! haha)

We got the timings wrong for the local Odeon, so changed tack and popped over to Cineworld instead. Where instead of gorging on fizzy jelly sweeties like we normally do. Darren had minstrels and I treated myself to some Ben & Jerrys. Cherry Garcia ice cream (yum) and Jamaican me crazy sorbet (which is my new favourite thing EVER!)

I don't think the day did wonders for my diet, but i enjoyed every moment of it. :)

No photos, I apologise. I haven't yet got used to taking photos of my day to day life to help me blog! I do promise I shall make more of an effort and take more photos from now on!

Yesterday I spent the day sorting out the bedroom, visiting friends and then doing a bit of DIY. ok, in all honesty Darren did the DIY, I supervised and passed drill bits and screws etc.
We didn't do much, put up a new curtain pole and curtains, moved the mirror and put up some frames in the bedroom basically.
We still have lots to do in the bedroom to get it how we want it, but even these small changes have made such a massive difference. It was so light and bright waking up this morning. It certainly made getting out of bed easier.
And having the mirror hung in portrait and in a better position for me to see into it (having over a foot in height difference between me and my Husband means mirror placement is always a fun task!) means I can get ready in the mornings without having to scoot into different rooms to check my outfit etc.

Well I am off to finish eating my lunch now.
Happy Wednesday.x

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