5 May 2011

Lust List (April 2011)

oh my, This is a little late this month. I swear I really don't know where my head is at recently. I am thinking I should perhaps get a diary and get a bit more organised.

Anyway, here is my little list of things that have caught my eye throughout April.

1: This cushion from Ikea. *love* they would look so lovely in the garden when the makeover is finished! unfortunately they had none in stock when we visited the MK store recently.
2: More cushions, again from Ikea. again because they would look lovely in our garden. They look like sticks of rock from the seaside! (imo)
3: This egg cosy. how cute?? I could probably make one to be honest, and maybe I will.
4: These Cath Kidston Bowls
5: and this teacup & saucer
6: or these bowls
7: and this teacup & saucer. in fact, just mix and match any of the last 4 items. I'm not greedy I just want a couple I don't care which! throw in a couple of small plates and some cutlery while your there. I shall have the prettiest breakfasts in all of Northamptonshire.
8: Also, how much do I want this Wills & Kate mug?? (which I can no longer find on the website! omg, panic!) More than you can possibly imagine.
9: Phew, as you can see I've been a little Cath Kidston obsessed this past month. Anyway. This little rose hook would be just lovely in our downstairs bathroom.
and finally number 10: These woooonderful Irregular Choice shoes. oh my. Bunnies and bows!
It seems April was rather a cute feminine month for me! not sure I shall be able to resist a lot of these items, Need to work out a plan to get them all into my life!

Hope April was a lovely month for you all, x

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