27 May 2011

Weigh In Result & Meal Plans

Morning campers.
I'm back with my weekly dose of meal planning. I'm feeling incredibly groggy today. Wheezy and chesty, bunged up and watery eyes. I've been on and off like this for about 4 weeks now. I've never had hayfever before but all fingers seem to be pointing in that direction. I was feeling fab a couple of days ago too.
I have some antihistamines that are still in date (from a reaction to an insect bite last summer) so I think I may take a couple today and see if that helps at all.

Anyway, onto my usual update. I gained last night. it was expected as I didnt stick to plan at all. I can honestly say I dont know whats wrong with me at the moment. Its so simple, and I know unless I stick to healthy eating and exercising I'm not going to lose weight, but my motivation and dedication is seriously lacking at the moment. I'm going to keep on meal planning and driving forwards though as something will click soon I am sure and it will all fall back into place again.

We have an odd/busy couple of weeks coming up and also my birthday at the end of the month. Plus there are a few changes happening that I shall go into in more depth on here soon. We have been having some lovely conversations at home planning and discussing changes and our hopes and dreams etc. And I am excited (and a little scared) about the next few months or so. :D

Friday: green (Today!)
B - Toast & fruit
L - Refried beans, Taco, fruit
D - Veggy Curry & rice
Saturday: EE
B - weetabix & apple
L - tomato mugshot
D - Dinner out with D's Family
Sunday: EE - Bike ride round Grafham Water (weather dependant)
B - Egg on toast
L - Pub lunch
D - golden rice & Prawn/Pork kebabs
Monday: EE - Bank Holiday - KoL in evening
B - Egg on Toast
L - ? in COV
D - ? in COV
Tuesday: EE - Exercise at hotel during day. Yoga in evening
B - cooked breakfast at hotel
L - ? in COV
D - Veggy Curry (leftovers from freezer) & Rice
Wednesday: Green
B - Cereal or Toast & fruit
L - Leftover Veggy Curry & rice
D - Quorn & golden rice & roast veg
Thursday: Green - Balance & SW in Evening
B - Cereal or Toast & fruit
L - Leftover roast veg & golden rice
D - Baked gnocchi & garlic bread

Bank holiday weekend and we are going to see Kings of Leon Monday night in Coventry. We should both have the Tuesday off too (waiting for D to confirm he has today!) so we booked a hotel for the night, don't have to travel home and battle traffic out of the arena, and we can have a mini break and use the hotel facilities on the Tuesday.
Hoping I feel better for then!!

Have good weekends all of you, whatever your doing! :) x

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