4 January 2011

Fruit bowl

Last night Darren went on some cleaning blitz in the kitchen. everything cleaned and tidied away. its fabulous.
I was reading my book and completely lost myself in it so I didnt even realise what he was doing.

In order to get the Kitchen how we'd ultimately want it, it'd need a full on overhaul. But right now. Just getting a fruit bowl would be great!
Have you ever looked for a fruit bowl though? I am obvioulsy too fussy, but now we promised ourselves we'd only buy things we love for the house its turning into one hell of a task.

I love, love, love this fruit bowl.
Of course, its by a Mexican designer, it won design awards back in 2008, and I cant find anything like it anywhere.
Of course, if I could find something like it, it'd probably cost waaaay too much and I would then have to sulk for days, weeks possibly even months or years!

If anyone happens to know somewhere that does a lovely bowl like it. in Red or White. Please let me know.
That'd be great. Thanks. :D

Happy Tuesday xx

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