12 January 2011

Yesterday was a good day!

It was quite a busy day yesterday and I was in bed at about 8.30pm exhausted and watching Biggest Loser (USA Couples version, incase you were wondering!)

I finished work at 3 after working my lunch and taking a couple of hours as holiday. I'd had an email in the morning to say our curtains had arrived for collection, so I nipped to collect those, and had a little browse around the shop at the same time. A cushion, set of cutlery, vase and friends b-day present later I left the shop (I am not spending any more this month I promise!) and tootled on home.
Where I then sprung into action packing away washing, having a clean and tidy of the living room. sorting out the dishwasher and having a clean and tidy of the kitchen too.

I love having a tidy home, its so relaxing and it makes me so happy! We are not particularly good at keeping on top of housework, and it may seem a strange use of some holiday time off work but it was so wonderful walking into a tidy kitchen and living room it was definitely worth it.

When Darren got home he had the wonderful news that he had received a call from the Recruitment office offering him a job. hoorah! They are going to call him again in a couple of weeks to arrange a start date.
*dances* So happy its unreal. 2011 is starting out well it seems!

After all that I cooked dinner, which wasnt what we'd planned as I realised we had no potatoes... oops. So instead I threw together a veggy curry which turned out wonderfully, and I left Darren playing Black Ops while I went up to bed. (Where I had a few blog ideas whooshing about in my head, but I need to work somethings out before I implement any of them!)

OK, so it doesnt sound like a particularly exciting day, but I fell asleep feeling decidedly good. and that can't be a bad thing by anyones standard!

Half way through the working week people! Happy Wednesday xx

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