5 January 2011

Peace and quiet

Just the 2nd day back into the work routine and I'm so tired. Darren is always up early as a builder, and I've not been dropping back off to sleep like I normally would.
Of course I lie in bed, resting, hoping I'll drop off to the land of nod again, but it doesn't happen. Not until my own alarm is sounding to make me get up. Then I could easily curl right back up and sleep immediately! :)

At silly o clock when Darren leaves. Everything is quiet. Its so peaceful.
Then while laying there you start to notice little sounds. The creaks and groans of the house. A couple of birds outside. Then as time goes on. Neighbours doors opening and closing. Heating coming on. Cars leaving the street. Slowly hearing the world wake up and come to life.

This morning, somewhere in the distance, before the noises of people waking and starting their days there was an alarm going off. It sounded like a car alarm, but it went on forever. Very feint, right on the edge of your hearing so you couldn't tell which direction it was coming from (as it happens I can never tell where noises are coming from. My spatial awareness must be terrible!)
As I was trying to get back to sleep this morning, that's all I could hear. And I am sure I was hearing it long after it finished, ingrained onto my brain.

I'd much rather it had been birdsong I'd woken to.

On another note. This morning I discovered that 2 shredded wheat (or other non brand wheat-y pillow things) with a sliced banana and a little milk/yogurt is a most enjoyable breakfast, but my goodness is it filling! I am stuffed. Now I really do wish I could curl up back in bed and sleep. :)

Happy Wednesday.x
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