9 January 2011

Sunday Snapshot

Hoorah. Sunday snapshot is back!

This afternoon we popped shopping (after a morning filled with going to the gym and watching Wall-E) pretty much we just needed to go into Next to take a cushion back. But while we were there we popped into The Range to look for some espresso cups.

I admit I was distracted by the 50% off Christmas decorations sign, so we detoured. and then we found the hat section.....
I might have brought the white furry hunter hat that I tried on. Darren did not buy the bear hat.
We also brought some mixed herbs, dried chillies and a set of scales, we did not get any espresso cups!

Hope you have all had wonderful weekends.
Happy Sunday x


Leanne said...

See, he's not a bear, so it would have been illegal for him to buy that hat....

Jules x said...

You should go get it Leanne! :D a present for Edward. I bet he would be ever-so happy with it! :D x