6 January 2011

Today could change our lives!

It actually really could.

Darren had a job interview this morning. It seems to have gone well, so just keeping fingers and toes crossed to hear something positive back.
Its to be a postman. A temporary role, 3months. Which could then lead to a permanent position. He should be perfect for it. He loves being busy and doing physical work. He's strong, and isn't bothered by early mornings! (GIVE HIM THE JOB!! Haha) of course in my eyes he'd perfect for just about everything. ;D

And for me. Well I joined Slimming World tonight. I'm laying in bed right now, reading all the info I've been given, and catching up on Come Dine With Me! :)
I am feeling really motivated, and I am really really hoping that this is the year I work out how to eat, enjoy food and be healthy!

Unfortunately Darren just got home and his car broke down at football. Bugger. Ahh well. Not going to let it get me down. I'll just beat him black and blue tomorrow ;)

Goodnight. X
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