25 January 2011

Update & Birthday Wishes!

Good Morning.
So I haven't been writing much lately. I guess its because I don't really have much to say. Not much exciting is going on. Darren starts his new job next Monday, we are *still* trying to get ourselves in gear and get the living room finally finished. and I am still plodding along at work and with my weight loss.

and to be honest all I really want to do is curl up in a ball and sleep! making it this far through winter before feeling like this is somewhat of a success. But I am physically yearning for spring now. I want to see the little flowers start to wake up, I want lighter evenings and lighter mornings too for that matter. Leaves and blossom on the trees. Warmer weather. Camping with friends. eating outdoors.... generally all the loveliness spring brings. :)

Anywhooo. Spring is on its way (I know this. I've seen bunny rabbits!) and no amount of longing will bring it here any sooner. Just need to get my backside in gear. remotivate myself and start moving with things.

Today, as it happens is also my Lovely friend Leannes birthday.
At the weekend we went TGIs for food and then to the cinema to see The Green Hornet 3D. which was alright. not the most incredible piece of cinematic creations I have ever seen. but still alright. and mucho funny in places.
I must point out that this is an old photo, but the only one I could find at the moment of us... and as it happens Its a pic from when we were at the cinema watching 3D movie before. Really old pic. a year or more this was taken I think.
Just realised don't seem to have many photos of me and Leanne together. probably because its always one of us behind the camera lens! Here is one of her and her chap Ed from our wedding! :D
Don't they look lovely! :D


(and Happy Burns night too everyone)

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