21 January 2011

I'm back!!

So I've finally motivated my lardy arse to update my blog this week. I'm not really sure what happened, I don't think I was overly busy, but there is no denying that its Friday night at 8.45pm and I am knackered!

Where to start, I really can't remember anything particually exciting happening. I sometimes update on my lunchbreak at work, but this week has been decidedly busy. My evenings have been spent at the gym, or fat club. oh and excitingly... cleaning.

We did not, as planned, get the living room finished last weekend. We did go to Ikea and get a lovely new lamp and ceiling light, along with a few other items. The house was (still is!) a complete mess. Looks like there has been a bloody good party, but if there was, I certainly was not invited.
Anyway. The *new* plan is to get it done this weekend. (along with TGIs for food, and then cinema with the Bears for Leannes b-day & Darren at football Saturday afternoon. We have Sunday 'free' though)

Today Darren was given his start date for his new job as a postman. :) happy days. Its nice knowing whats happening and when. hopefully he'll get on well and enjoy it. I am excited for him.
He has expressed a desire to learn hot to cook better! He'll be working early and home earlier than he is now, so instead of waiting for me to get home and do dinner he announced he wants to learn to cook more so he can get dinner ready for me occasionally! We have very differnt cooking styles. I'm a throw it in and see how it turns out kinda cook. where as Darren likes to stick to a recipe.
We've discussed him doing the odd guest post on here for recipies he has tried and we liked. We shall see how things pan out, but I think that could be fun. They will mostly all be Slimming World recipes. or healthy ones anyway.

Speaking of which. I lost 2lbs last night! :) Thats 5lbs so far in total. and I am really enjoying it. Hopefully I have finally found the diet that works for me. woo-hoo.

Well I am going to make myself a coffee (decaf at this time of night) and head up the wooden hill to bed. I promise I shall try harder and be a good little blogger next week! :)

Happy Friday all. Goodnight.

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