29 January 2011

Good afternoon.

Now I know I don't normally update on a Saturday, but seeing as its been a few days, and I've not updated that much this week I thought I'd make an exception.

Darren starts his job on Monday as a postman. I'm a bit nervous for him. I hope he enjoys it and gets on well. He's looking forward to learning something new.
He is aparently already on the rota for next week so I am going to have to get used to him working Saturdays. Not just working in fact, but being out all day! He'll go straight from work to playing football in the afternoon so I wont see him until 5pm-ish.
He shall get a day off in the week instead, but when I work monday-friday it still means we'll see less of each other.
I am planning on making the most of my Saturdays by getting up early (not as early as him mind!) and going to the gym for a work out. Having some nice brunch and perhaps a bit of a pamper when I am home. Then the afternoon I am going to spend studying, working on my blog and shop (no excuses now on not having the time!) and perhaps a bit of gardening!

We'll just have to start making the most of Sundays together. :)

Today we went gym, poped into town (We have a curtain pole!! its the correct size and everything!) I brought a lovely red check shirt. I'm planning on wearing it tomorrow when we go out for lunch with our friends Mary and Jimmy. At the moment I'm lounged out on the sofa, with a cup of tea, funsize pack of malteasers and the furry blanket. Diagnosis Murder is on the TV. (love that show!) Darren is out at footy, in his own car (hoorah) and any moment now I need to get up, do some washing and get ready to go my parents for dinner tonight.

They have been briefed on Slimming World. So hopefully my Mum has listened, has not brought fresh bread or dessert and I'll not have to 'run the gauntlet'! :)
I lost nothing this week. But I also didnt gain, and after the weekend at TGI's enjoying cajun shrimp, chicken, steak, chips and Jack Daniels sauce. Then followed by sweets at the cinema (not as many as I would normally have though!) Maintaining this week was great.
I am ficussed this week though. upping my exercise, I've been slack the past couple of weeks. and really concentrating on what I am eating, which reminds me. I need to do our meal plan for the week.

Hope you all have lovely weekends.

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