31 January 2011

5-12yrs!! Nope. 26-30 more like!

Last night, when technically we should have been getting an early night, what with work the next morning, and especially with Darrens first day on a new job, we may have got distracted and opened the Lego my Dad brought us for Xmas. Ages 5 - 12yrs it says on the box. Pah. what do they know! ;)
I'm not sure it would have been possible for a 5yr old to make them anyway, it was really fiddly. I dont remember lego having so many small bits and moving parts!... So cool though! haha. It was a Lego City Police truck. and there is a little like entry gate/security building, and a poilce bike.

The little camera and satelite dish on top move! and the barrier. ok you have to move them yourself. But still. they move! the Truck was even more impressive. Ariels, moving sides, a removable prison cell type looking thing. Our kids are so gonna have a room full of lego. Its great making the things and then being able to play with them. But the best is when you just have a random box of bits and you make stuff up yourself. I couldnt even try to recall the amount of times I invented houses, and castles and odd looking cars.

Only got one bad guy in the whole set though. One bad guy and 3 coppers! Not good odds for the little stripey shirted guy eh.
The other stuff they do looks awesome too. the train stuff you can get and build actually works and goes round a track. there is a port, and an firestation and an airport... ooOOoOoOoooo

Anyhow, We went bed late, I slept badly, Darren slept fine. And his first day at his new job seems to have gone well. It was an induction day today, lots of thoroughly exciting health and saftey videos by the sounds of things. Fingers crossed all goes well on his training tomrrow too.
Definitely need an early night tonight though. I could fall asleep now. Goodnight


Emmie Bear said...

That looks AWEOSOME! and HUGE!

KeliTwirls said...

Wow That looks so kool lol! I want some lego! :)