26 January 2011

Scary and yet empowering!

This evening myself and Darren decided to chop up our credit cards. *snip snip* Into lots of tiny gold coloured pieces.

Having them at our disposal all the time is just too easy to use them and have 'spare' money on demand. But its not your money! So they had to go.

It was a bit scary 'what if there is an emergency' 'what if we just leave them at home' etc.
If there is an emergency we'll work something out! We'll survive without them.
And with them, I don't know that we'd ever properly get off our backsides and start saving.

For us 2011 was always going to be about us getting our shit together. Paying off any debts and prioritising what's important to us.
And that top in Primark I like, or the PS3 magazine hubby might want to read, or whatever. They are not really important. And if they are. Fine. We'll put a bit aside next week and go back and buy them then! Ok they might only be small things, but the small things add up.

And when we are back with our shit in order again (and Darren having a regular wage will help that no end!) We can ease up on those purse strings a bit.
But for the time being, we are reigning it in and concentrating on the stuff that needs sorting. :)

Ooh. While I am on the saving money bandwagon... If anyone happens to have any unwanted mustard yellow or navy blue clothes dye they no longer want, I'll gladly take it off your hands. I have an old dress that I want to give a new lease of life to! :)

Happy Wednesday.
Goodnight xx
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